Urgent notice: Obstructions on Tideway

28 March 2018

SAFETY WARNING: Navigating Construction Works on Tideway


There are significant works structures in place on the tideway below Chelsea Bridge, required for construction of the Thames Tideway Tunnel (sewer system). These structures are liable to movement at 12 hours notice and are a major hazard to shipping and other river traffic on the tideway.


All DW Competitors are reminded that they must be “river right” (of centre line) at all times on the Tideway. FOR 2018, BELOW CHELSEA BRIDGE YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BE “EXTREME RIVER RIGHT” on the specific instructions of PLA. Where a bridge arch has 3 lights above it, do not use that arch as it indicates an obstruction. A DW Safety Boat will be stationed at Vauxhall Bridge to provide specific instructions to paddlers approaching the finish line, based on the latest position of these structures.


PLA will monitor crews who are navigating inappropriately, especially below Chelsea Bridge, and those crews will be disqualified. There will be no appeal.



During Easter Saturday evening an update will be posted on the DW Website News which will provide the current situation and position of these structures. DW will endeavour to communicate updates to Senior Doubles passing through the Teddington Lock checkpoint, and to Stages Race Crews via Sunday briefings at Thames Young Mariners.