Senior Doubles starting information

08 April 2019

Senior Doubles who would plan to start before 8am on Easter Saturday can take advantage of an early kit check service on Good Friday. Between 5-7pm at the Wharf, the kit check team will go through your boat and issue you with your paddler identification and boat number.  This will make the Saturday morning experience a little more relaxed. To take advantage of this service, please contact Richard Lovell, the Chief Umpire, with your name, boat number and anticipated start time. 

Any Senior Doubles planning on starting after midday on Easter Saturday are reminded that you must without fail notify the Chief Umpire of your plans to do so by no later than Wednesday before Easter. All crews must be checked in before 12 noon on Easter Saturday and must leave no later than 4pm if aiming for the 2nd tide. Note, if you fail to notify the Chief Umpire of a request for a late start, he might not be there to start you. 

Richard Lovell, Chief Umpire, can be contacted at