Senior Doubles Race: High water changes

30 March 2018

Due to excessively high water and flow on the Thames, we have had to make some restrictions and changes to this years race.

Senior Doubles:
Paddlers must complete the safety matrix to show competency. Those that score under 12 should seriously consider not starting.

No paddlers will be allowed to paddle on the Thame in the dark. This gives two options:

Split Race: Paddlers start from 8am Saturday and race to Dreadnought Reach, Reading, where the clock will stop. Racing and the clock will restart from daybreak Sunday.

Non-stop: Paddle the canal in the dark, start Saturday Up to 8pm. Crews will not be allowed past Dreadnought until daybreak.

Stages race:
To be confirmed soon........

Conditions are still changing and if they worsen, more drastic measures may be required.

We are doing everything we can to keep the race running and ask for your support at this difficult time.