New social media presence for 2019

10 January 2019

The DW Organisation is establishing two social media accounts as OFFICIAL communications channels to operate alongside the DW website.

In the past, the DW Organisation has relied solely on the website ( as its sole official communications channel. With the ever-growing popularity of social media, and the fact that websites can crash (as ours did in 2018), it is clear this is not sufficient.

Social media channels 

On Twitter, it’ll be the race’s existing account - @DWcanoerace (i.e. – and on Facebook, a new DW Page has gone live – (or @DWcanoerace if you want to quickly search Facebook now to find it).

Please like and follow these pages. You can rely on what you see on these social media accounts as the OFFICIAL voice of the race.

It is especially worth following these accounts during race time when it can be difficult for us, in sometimes remote locations on the DW course, to keep a website updated with fast-moving events and circumstances.

Emergency text messaging service 

The organisers acknowledge that not everyone is on Twitter or Facebook, and network coverage being what it is in rural England, access to the website may not always be possible. As a result, DW will in 2019 introduce a 'mass text message' service. All competitors and chief supporters must provide a mobile phone number on entering.

These phone numbers will be stored for the duration of the race only in a content management system that will enable the organisers to send out relevant alerts during race time. The system will not be used for random updates but for key safety or important race-related information - such as course changes, emergency announcements, and so on.