National Schools

The National Schools Kayak Championship is jointly organised by the Devizes to Westminster (DW) Race Organisation, Marsport and British Canoeing to promote schools canoeing in the UK by providing a regatta specifically for inter-school competition


It provides the opportunity for racing against paddlers from other school teams, especially for crews making getting prepared for the DW season, both returning crews and new crews making preparations for the upcoming race.


Paddler Eligibility and Team Composition:

Paddlers must be a current registered pupil of the School they represent. They must be under the age of 19 years, and not less than 13 years old, on the 1st of January prior to the race. Age limits are non-negotiable and no requests for variation will be accepted under any circumstances.

Classes and Distances: 

All Races will be Junior Doubles, raced in K2 or C2:

  • Sprint Regatta: 200M and 500M (includes Novice class)
  • Marathon Race: 20 KM (approx. 12.5 miles)
  • Novice Class Marathon race of 12KM (approx. 7.5miles)


 Individual and Team Prizes will be awarded*


Novice Class:

Schools may declare entries in the Novice Class for less experienced paddlers who are new to paddling in the last 6 months, and have not previously competed in DW, Waterside or Thameside races.


*Novice class races are eligible for an individual crew trophy in Sprint racing and a shorter Marathon Race. Novice class paddlers are not eligible for the Team Trophy.




Full details can be found Here