DW 2020 dates

17 June 2019

The Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race takes place every Easter. The nonstop race always starts on Easter Saturday, the stages races (Senior Singles, Junior Doubles, Endeavour Class) start on Good Friday. In 2020 Good Friday is 10 April. 

While this website contains much of the information that you need to begin preparations for the race (and it's never too early to start training and preparation!) we recommend you also check out the public DW Group on Facebook. This is not an official Group run by the DW Organisation but rather it functions as a chat room for more than 4,000 DW followers - competitors, supporters, race fans - to exchange tips, tactics, ideas and share expertise.

If you're new to DW you'll find everyone keen to help - DW is a race but it's also a challenge and, like all worthwhile endeavours, those who've successfully done it (and some who haven't!) are always willing to share their expertise. 

One of the most frequently asked of all FAQs is how to get a boat, paddle and some practical advice on how to train for the race. You can get a lot of this on the Facebook Group but best advice is probably to find a canoe club near where you live, join it and tap into the club's expertise - a flatwater racing club is the best place to go and you'll find a DW paddler or two in most of them. Details of clubs near you can be found on the British Canoeing website. In terms of boats and equipment, a club can advise you - we recommend you don't buy a boat immediately but get to grips with paddling first and then work out what the most appropriate boat for your ability is.  

The official DW Organisation Facebook Page is here - this is where we publish official announcements, important details for participants and general information such as river closures, portage construction works, and safety information. 

If you need any information and can't find it here, please contact the race organisers via the communications team - email is publicity@dwrace.co.uk - we are here to help you on your DW journey. 

See you next Easter!