Communications Update 25 March

25 March 2019

With less than four weeks to go before the start of the 2019 Devizes to Westmnister Canoe Race on Good Friday, here are a few important reminders about race communications. 

DW will be communicating throughout the Easter weekend via this website (, via Twitter ( and via the Official DW Facebook page (

We strongly advise all supporters and support crews to follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook Page, and to keep an open eye on our website throughout the Easter weekend.

That way, if any one of these channels goes offline for any reason, you should still be able to follow us on another.

In the unlikely event that our website and both our social media channels all go down over Easter, we will also - for the first time - have a mass-SMS capability to text all registered Chief Supporter mobile phones with important updates or emergency announcements.

Please be very sure to enter a valid number for your Chief Supporter on your entry form. That number will be the one we send text messages to.

The mass-SMS system will not have the capability to accept replies. It is designed as a one-way 'broadcast' system. However, in the event of an emergency situation, we will use it to communicate clearly and regularly so no one will be in any doubt as to what is going on.

The DW Race Control Centre is on 0207 620 0298 and should be notified of any incidents, including injuries and retirements. DW has safety and rescue teams at its disposal and will send these to any potential troublespots.

In any serious incident, especially where there is a risk of serious injury or loss of life, the emergency services should be notified immediately on 999.


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